Kumamoto Ferry

^Kumamoto Ferry(in Japanese)

[Important Notices] All operations will be suspended from 10th April to 21th April, due to periodic inspection of the vessel.

Status of reservation(vehicle length :less than 6 meters)

Boarding date        ,  2017   

Wednesday,  Mar  29 , 2017
Kumamoto to Shimabara Shimabara to Kumamoto

No.01: 07:30:  Kumamoto :◎
No.02: 09:25:  Kumamoto :○
No.03: 11:10:  Kumamoto :◎
No.04: 13:00:  Kumamoto :◎
No.05: 14:50:  Kumamoto :◎
No.06: 16:40:  Kumamoto :◎
No.07: not planned

No.01: 08:25:  Shimabara :◎
No.02: 10:15:  Shimabara :◎
No.03: 12:05:  Shimabara :◎
No.04: 13:50:  Shimabara :○
No.05: 15:45:  Shimabara :◎
No.06: 17:30:  Shimabara :◎
No.07: not planned

*In case of passengers without cars, no reservation is needed.
*In case of passengers with motorcycles or bicycles, no reservation is needed.
Please line up in the parking lot with your motorcycle or bicycle at the terminal on that day.
*Accepting reservation begins from a month before the departure day.

△…acceptable[less than 11 cars]
×…not acceptable

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