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High-speed car ferry  Ocean Arrow

*High-speed car ferry  All about Ocean Arrow …  the history and specifications and so on
* How to make reservation of Ocean Arrow by WEB (rental car) …  by internet.

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Inboard guidance

2nd floor   : Cockpit |*Lounge|*Open deck

1F/2F 1F:floor 1F:cafe 1F:welcome steps 2F:lounge 1F:Reclining seats 2F:opendeck

1st floor   *Reclining seats|*School seats |*Welcome steps|*Cafe| WC | Open deck
Vehicle deck*Vehicle deck

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1st floor

Welcome steps - Welcome steps -

Welcome steps

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Cafe - Side cafe -

Be relax with a cup of coffee!
There is a shop in front of "welcome steps". You can buy drinks or foods.
cafe cafe

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Reclining seats - Reclining seats -

Be relax with a reclining seat!
Optional charge is required for each reclining seat. There are 22 reclining seats.
Reclining seats

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School seats - School seats -

School seats

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2nd floor

Lounge - Lounge -

Like a resort hotel.
There are some sofas.

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Open deck - Open deck -

Feel the wind!
Between November and the beginning of April, some seagulls travel side by side with Ocean Arrow. opendeck opendeck

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Vehicle deck

Vehicle deck - Vehicle deck -

vehicledeck vehicledeck
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